In the dark corners you lurk,
Ready to strike out faith that keeps us strong,
Faith that makes our hearts blossom with,
In an instant you can stab our hearts to death,
You show no mercy to the weak,

We will fight till the end,
We cannot let you dwell in our hearts,
For all the rooms are taken,
They are locked and the keys veiled,
Away from the chance of shame,

You harbor calculating vindictive evil eyes,
But we stand firm and dare you,
For our eyes are filled with courage,
To every part that makes us being,
To feel the smell of the tasty perfume of joy,

We let sunshine to dapple to our skin,
Away from the darkness and despair,
Where you have made it your bed of terror,
Your victims have lost all sense of purpose,
Filled with vain goals and defeated spirit,
You take advantage where strength has taken a leave,
You constantly beckon as the only option for them,
To crush all hopes, ambitions and anticipations,
And render a life of futile ambitions,
A textureless, unforgiving and painful choice


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