Aston kamunde

From a distance..
I can feel you calling..
Your sweet soft breeze..
The sound of your coming and going….

At the shore..
I can feel the hungry sand swallowing my rigid feet..
The beautiful wind, calming my exhausted skin..
I can’t help but i succumb to your seduction..

As i get deep and deeper…
I feel your most beautiful warmth..
I get the most beautiful feeling..
A feeling that i could never possibly put into words..

I close my eyes to feel more of it..
Opening my eyes makes me wonder..
I see your sister…the sky….and i look at you..
Are you God’s favorite color??? i ask

I dance to the rhythm of your song..
I sing and dance together with you..
The rise and fall of your tides..
Could i live here with you forever??

I don’t want to go back again..
I don’t want to return to the…

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