There are many things that I don’t understand,
There are so many words that I can’t figure out the meaning,
The more I keep looking, the more I get lost,
In the shadows abnormally dark and impenetrable,

There are so many hurt feelings and misunderstandings,
The more I get right, the more I go wrong,
I seem like a mime that portrays speedy strides,
While in reality making no progress at all,

Am experiencing the worst kind of crushing tiredness,
I feel alone and quarantined,
Who will come and save me from this excursion?
What will come and fill my shallow and lacking spirit?

But while I feel the sun above my head,
The free and open wind blowing away my pain,
I feel the sharpest pain flattened in my heart,
And filled with so much hope and anticipation

And maybe yes! Sure enough I was wasting myself,

spurring all and every bit of energy,
On petty goals and vain ambitions,
Am choosing my own unique infallible pattern to be locked in!


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