Gazing at the nighttime sky,
Can’t help to notice the beauty behold,
Created by the panoply of stars,
About and around me an air of self possession

A dreamy floaty sensation engulfs my body,
Of the partitioned life that I have become accustomed to,
The sensation turns into a piercing physical and emotional pain,
My shoulders already hunched against defeat,

I feel alone, pruned and pluckerish in this world,
The world that is so inept at showing love,
That crushes all hopes, dreams and anticipations,
That do not compromise nor modify the choices that we make

Life can be so blank and ungiving,
It can be so utterly cold to ambitions,
And they begin to fade and dwindle,
Leaving one with a sense of frustration that is almost suffocating,

I do not want to fritter myself on unnecessary worries,
When in reality I have so much to offer,
To someone, anyone, the world,
Strength, freedom and definite!


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