I track in this unfamiliar road,
The destination seem so vague in my mind,
I can feel my tired feet screaming from the biting exhaustion,
But deep inside I know I got to keep going,

I see faces staring at me,
Their whispers threatening to pierce my eardrums,
As I walk in the ‘wrong’ direction,
But the voices in my head make each stride stronger,

But where am I headed to?
My heart suppresses the fear that is creeping inside me,
I keep moving on and on as my loyal shadow keep besides me,
Restoring in me a sense of a deeper meaning,

The golden horizon smiles kindly ahead of me,
Am captivated by the swaying of the trees,
They dance to the music of the birds,
Am surrounded by bright colors of the rainbow,

The sweetest disposition befalls me!
I can’t help but smile,
For like the color of the sky is blue,
So is the assurance that I will get there!


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