It stings my skin every time I turn,
The pain so excruciating, it brings tears in my eyes,
My skin screams and wails in pain,
Of a thousand pin pointed thorns,
In this bed of shame

I feel so cold that all my hair stings out,
The loneliness so heartbreaking,
I long for warmth from my kind,
As I seem to be deserted by my own,
In this bed of shame

I feel naked and striped,
Of all my dignity and worth,
They all seem to have dejected,
They have gone away with the sun and left me in the dark,
In this bed of shame,

Fear seems to have taken toil of me,
It has crept into every part and corner of my bed,
It has become the unwelcomed guest,
My eyes desperately pleads for help from the skies,
Can somebody get me out of this bed?

Where is love?
Where has all the kindness and forgiveness gone?
Into the depth of my soul I reach out for grace,
To lift me up and salvage me,
From this bed of shame!


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