I’ve made a million paces
Butterfly love burning so intensely
In the need to quench the thirst of love
That is demanding, almost suffocating!

Is it love or is it my wildest imaginations?
Why does it make me feel so bad?
Why does it make me feel this sad?
Why does it make me feel so plain and clumsy?

You seem so unreal yet so real
If I knew where you reside my love
I’d rush in this awful ending of time
To grab you, and hold you and never let go!

These tiredness and loneliness are consuming me
Without you mine is a sad, partitioned life
Textureless and guarded by abnormal shadows
For you seem harder to pursue than I expected

My love, do not confirm all my apprehensions
That you might also be just an elusive mirage
For I have so much to share with you
If you could only reach out and hold my hand

Your absence has struck so intensely
That it has almost amounted to your presence
But I will cling to this dreamy fleeting fantasy
Butterfly love will soon lock my pattern
Our pattern to share forever my love!


7 thoughts on “Butterfly Love!

  1. “Your absence has struck so intensely,
    That it has almost amounted to your presence,”
    (How I feel on the days I am lonely for God and being totally in God’s Presence! Thanks for visiting, Sheri)


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