proud, confident and beautiful is you!
You stand out amongst all the creations!
Your stillness and silence a sign of a deeper meaning..
A meaning of knowledge we are all unaware of..
Or could it be the answers to what we seek!
You stand tall, a fountain of knowledge and wisdom!

You seem to enjoy the moment and presence,
The presence of birds as they decorate your branches with joy,
They decorate with all the colors of the rainbow, the sky and the lands..
You seem captivated by their melodies…
You sway from side to side to the rhythm of the music..
You stand tall, a mantle of joy and happiness..

Oh! Your shadow is kind to all and the sundry.
The live underneath it, is fat and happy!
The fury of the sun is intense beyond it!
I sit and let your shadow relieve my scorched skin..
A smile emerges from the stiffness of my lips..
You stand tall, a symbol of peace and security!

They say still waters run deep,
I have witnessed heinous crimes against you,
With a wicked smile they have destroyed your kindness and generosity,
To feed their hungry stomachs with the loot in their bloody hands,
But they have not been lucky with your unforgiving hand!
As you have served them with a cold revenge!
You stand tall, a pot of bees with deadly poison!

You are a mother that rules the world,
You house all life of the earth with love and care,
I jump in pain and shock then i look around..
Furious eyes stares back at me!
Isn’t this my home too?
In front of me a gift you give,
Food for the mind, body and soul..
You stand tall, mother of all creations!


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