From a distance..
I can feel you calling..
Your sweet soft breeze..
The sound of your coming and going….

At the shore..
I can feel the hungry sand swallowing my rigid feet..
The beautiful wind, calming my exhausted skin..
I can’t help but i succumb to your seduction..

As i get deep and deeper…
I feel your most beautiful warmth..
I get the most beautiful feeling..
A feeling that i could never possibly put into words..

I close my eyes to feel more of it..
Opening my eyes makes me wonder..
I see your sister…the sky….and i look at you..
Are you God’s favorite color??? i ask

I dance to the rhythm of your song..
I sing and dance together with you..
The rise and fall of your tides..
Could i live here with you forever??

I don’t want to go back again..
I don’t want to return to the cruel mad world..
The land has turned numb to my feelings…
But here you are..silently comforting and caressing me..
Saying…its o.k to every part of me..

I want to stay here with you my love..
The peace and love i feel is indescribable..
Your sweet songs..
Your gentle touch…
Your sweet love….
You have washed away…
The tears and pain in my skin..
Deep in my body u never spared either..
But there is a bitter sweet taste in my mouth..
When i know i have to return…


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